Load Monitoring for Industrial Premises


Industrial premises are often some of the highest consuming businesses there are, with lots of heavy machinery, large spaces to light and many safety installations in place like fire alarms and CCTV, it can be hard to bring electricity bills down. Accounting for almost 50% of all energy used in industrial companies, electricity is an enormous expense and one that many are looking to bring down both for profit margins and green credentials. Our electric load monitoring service can help industrial premises to identify their high consumers, see where their system could be improved and help them to assess their energy bills.

Identify High Consumers

Some pieces of machinery will use more energy than others, even when in standby mode and so identifying them can help you to form a plan to save energy. Our electrical load monitoring service can show how much different pieces have been using over a set period, up to 30 days previously which allows companies to compare uses across different areas of their business. Knowing what has used high amounts of energy means businesses can make more informed decisions about which machinery they can turn off or use less off, if they wish to save energy outside of operational hours.

Find Inconsistencies

Our electrical load monitoring can help to identify inconsistencies in the electrical consumption of systems, with can be indicative of a problem such as a faulty wire or broken component. Often when these occur in systems, needless energy is being wasted as different elements have to consume more to make up for the shortcomings. By highlighting these areas of concern, industrial businesses can commission an investigation which can then identify and rectify the exact issue, so that no further energy is wasted, and the system is working in a safe and cost-effective way.

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