Let Our Fire Alarms Installers Take the Heat


Protecting against fire is one of the major priorities of business owners with people, assets and livelihoods to preserve. Fires are devastating forces that can tear through an entire life’s work in a matter of minutes and be extremely difficult to recover from both financially and emotionally. Our fire alarm installers are certified and equipped to design, install and maintain fire alarms for businesses whether they are commercial or industrial, tailoring our service and drawing on industry knowledge to ensure safety and legal compliance in every system.


After an initial consultation and close inspection of the premises, our fire alarm installers begin designing a fire alarm system that accounts for all variables. Companies differ in terms of fire risk, company size and number of employees and all of these factors can have a major influence over the requirements of a system. Our team use our extensive experience to cover all basis and design a system that is safe, secure and easy to use based on them, ensuring legal compliance and health and safety is me along the way.


Once the design is finalised our fire alarm installers visit the business and begin installing the devices and chosen systems. Using only the highest quality components, sourced from multiple manufacturers allows us to provide a truly bespoke model that utilises the best combination of parts to meet the requirements of the company. Instead of being tied to one provider, we cherry-pick and install only the best, giving ultimate protection from fire.


We don’t just install a system and then leave never to return again, fire alarms require regular testing and maintenance to continue providing protection and stay within legal guidelines. Our fire alarm installers can provide comprehensive maintenance packages taking care of all testing responsibilities, allowing business owners to run their company knowing their systems are in safe hands.

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