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Large empty process hall with new LED lightsAs we move into a more environmentally conscious landscape, especially in the world of business, updating existing outdated lighting systems can make a world of difference. By undertaking an LED lighting installation, you can see your energy usage and cost drop considerably, ensuring you save on those ever-increasing bills and reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation. For LED lighting installation in Derbyshire and the surrounding areas, look no further than your local team of electrical contractors at One Way.

At One Way we offer a comprehensive electrical service. This is especially the case in regard to LED lighting installation, which we can see through from design to installation. Our team are able to go into your business at a time convenient to you and assess where your new system would be best installed to optimise energy usage and boost the comfortability and productivity of your work environment.

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We are also able to offer the design, installation, and maintenance of emergency lighting. Emergency lighting is an integral aspect of businesses across the UK, and we assure best, and most practical practices are met. Our maintenance contracts ensure potential and existing faults can be detected and rectified, ensuring your compliance with legislation.

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