Is LED Lighting Eco-Friendly?


LED lighting is commonplace in businesses of all kinds, but so is a move towards ensuring every action taken benefits the environment for both the genuine preservation of our earth and the reputation of your business. As a fellow green-thinking company, our electrical contractors in Stoke-on-Trent have the answer to whether LED lighting is eco-friendly, and it’s a resounding yes. But how exactly?

Waste Reduction

One of the most straightforward ways in which a company can reduce their carbon footprint comes in the form of waste reduction. LED lightbulbs have a long lifespan in comparison to the lightbulbs that were commonly found in yesteryear and as such, they need to be replaced far less frequently. In terms of the environment, this is a hugely environmentally friendly move. Since less waste is produced, you are one step further along your eco-friendly goal-getting strategy – the kind of which the government will make non-negotiable in the coming years.

There is no mercury in the manufacturing of LED lightbulbs, so their disposal is both easier to carry out and not as toxic as a conventional lightbulb.

CSR Adherence

LED lighting installation is a simple yet highly effective move you can take towards enacting your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Since the literature around the eco-friendly impact of LED lighting is becoming increasingly prevalent, and its usage is becoming expected in all kinds of work environments, your green reputation will be bolstered by their installation. Our electrical contractors in Stoke-on-Trent offer a free LED Lighting Assessment Survey that provides a detailed design ensuring the correct levels of lighting for your business environment, a detailed report listing existing and proposed LED lighting costs plus more.

LED lighting provides an instant green practice for your business that will reflect well upon the integrity of your company. Contact our electrical contractors Stoke-on-Trent at One Way here to discuss the design of emergency lighting in Stoke, surrounding areas and how it can help your workplace.

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