Invest in Safety with Fire Alarm Maintenance


Fire safety is of great concern to business owners, with your company and the entire workforce to protect from the dangers of a blaze. Fire alarm systems are a legal requirement in commercial properties and are a major investment, playing a crucial role in protecting your company. Just like any other investment, there needs to be maintenance, check-ups and even rethinking sometimes in order for them to keep offering the correct level of return, or in the case of fire alarms – safety.


Take It Week by Week

You wouldn’t leave it long periods of time without checking an investment in the stock market, so why leave it an age before checking on your fire safety investment? Our fire alarm maintenance engineers in Derbyshire recommend companies carry out a weekly test of their fire alarms to ensure that they are working as they should be, to protect everybody within your business from harm. By testing the alarms every week, you’ll be able to identify issues as they arise and ensure that they get rectified quickly and efficiently.


Inform the Force

Our fire alarm maintenance team in Derbyshire also recommend enhancing your fire safety investment, by regularly training staff on the correct procedure. While you can rely on the system to alert people to a fire, it’s vital that they then know how to respond appropriately, ensuring that in the event a blaze does break out, they are equipped with the knowledge they need to stay safe. All employees should be taught where the appropriate meeting points are, the nearest exits and the location of fire extinguishers within the business. To reinforce this training, regular drills should be held.


Let the Professionals Help 

Every 6 months, businesses are required to source a professional specialist to inspect fire alarm systems to ensure compliance with current regulations. As qualified fire alarm maintenance service providers in Derbyshire, One Way are able to carry out inspections, produce reports and help make your investment as rewarding as it can possibly be.

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