How We Can Help with New Year’s Business Resolutions


January is a time where businesses reflect on the year gone by and try to build on their previous successes, by evaluating what they can do differently. Like any new year’s resolutions, action needs to be taken and changes made, and whether a business wants to cut costs, be greener or improve their output, One Ways’ electrical contractors in Stoke can help!

Be Green

With more and more pressure mounting on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and act in a more environmentally friendly way, it’s understandable that businesses are looking for simple ways to reduce their emissions. These day’s companies have to be eco-conscious just to level the playing field between them and their competitors, so those who don’t make green choices are in danger of being left behind. Our electrical contractors in Stoke can help with a range of services. We can design, install and maintain energy-efficient lighting systems complete with controls such as occupancy detectors and time clocks which ensure energy wastage is reduced.

Cut Costs

One of the largest financial drains on a business is due to electricity consumption and for companies that want to reduce their costs in 2020, it’s something that needs to be addressed. Our electrical contractors in Stoke can offer a range of maintenance-based services that aid businesses in getting on top of their energy spend. PAT testing, Electrical Installation Conditioning Reports and thermographic surveys can all be employed to measure electricity uses, locate areas in a system when energy is being wasted and to identify faults in a system that could be costing money. Whichever service we carry out, we endeavour to provide in-depth analysis and suggestions that can be implemented to help rectify problems and reduce costs.

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