How to Save Money over Xmas


Christmas is just around the corner and with businesses up and down the country closing or working on a skeleton staff at this time of year, a few simple electricity tips can help companies to save a fortune on electricity usage. Our electricians have put together a guide to simple changes that companies can make over the festive period.

Turn off Lights

If you’re closing for good over Christmas, even if only for a day, turning off all the lights is a quick way to reduce energy consumption and save money on bills. Even if you benefit from LED lights at a premises which are much cheaper to run and efficient, it is best to turn them off when no one is in the office. Although many businesses like to keep them on for added security, having a properly fitted alarm system can help businesses rest easy without wasting money on unnecessary lighting.

Turn Down Thermostats

When a building is empty, turning down the thermostat can save a lot of money without making anybody uncomfortable. Dependent on the heating system in place, you can turn down the overall temperature or select ‘zones’ to turn down, which can be useful if there are a few staff popping in over the Xmas break, allowing them to be warm and work comfortably in a set area.

Consider Xmas Lights

We’re all for getting into the spirit of things, but there are plenty of ways to decorate a workplace that don’t require ‘plugging in’. Opting to use tinsel, baubles or bunting can bring just as much festive cheer to the office without stringing up Xmas lights which can increase energy usage and bills. If you really can’t resit the twinkling of lights, then opt for a battery powered pack instead of a plug-in version.

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