How to Reduce your Power Bill


Given the scope of daily operations taking place in commercial sites, and the size of any given industrial site, running costs remain a primary concern. One of the biggest priorities for landlords is balancing the necessity of electrical usage with the desirability of a low energy bill. Often, there are genuine concerns that a supplier may be overcharging for their energy usage, or a shrewd desire to prevent this occurrence. We sympathise with these concerns and as such, offer Electrical Load Monitoring to provide you with reassurance in the form of accurate data. There are additional benefits to our service that will help you achieve your business goals, as detailed below.


Accurate Power Bills


Say goodbye to confusion and hello to reliable data. A bespoke report is created for you once our trained team have measured all the vital aspects: currents, voltages, frequency, power factor and Harmonics so you can see your usage presented clearly on the page. Our electrical load monitoring report is conducted using the smartest monitoring equipment available because we believe the importance of accurate, up-to-date data cannot be overstated.


Plan for an Expansion


If you have plans to expand your site, you will need to factor in energy usage to your budget for this expansion. Similarly, our electrical load monitoring survey can help you with renovation plans by empowering you with precise data corresponding to the time period specified. This way, you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about the future of your business.


Enhance Electrical Performance


By obtaining an electrical load monitoring survey from the seasoned experts we have available at One Way, performance problems that are subtle enough to go unnoticed are presented to you in plain sight. Load imbalances, poor power factor or other operational concerns you may have are also evaluated by our monitoring equipment so you can oversee the smooth running of your electrical equipment.


Customer experience is prioritised at One Way and to show our sincerity with this statement, you can obtain a no-obligation quote from us by simply filling out a Get in Touch form. Responses are always prompt and when we do, you will be pleased to find we have made you a bespoke offer.

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