How To Identify Energy Waste With Electrical Load Monitoring


With climate change a hot topic and pressure mounting on businesses to act in a more environmentally conscientious way, energy conservation is now a major focus for businesses. Companies moving into new premises as well of those comfortable in their surroundings are looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption and forge a greener reputation. Electrical load monitoring in Stoke can help Staffordshire businesses to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Identify High Consumers

From small offices and grocery stores to huge industrial warehouses and factories, different types of businesses and buildings all need fundamental equipment that is electrical in order to function day to day. Equipment such as heating, and lighting often consume large amounts of power and the only effective way to see just how much they are consuming is with electrical load monitoring. By employing a contractor to complete this process, businesses can identify high power consumers and facility managers will be able to produce detailed reports from the results and can identify areas that require improvement, factoring these into the long-term business plan.

Reduce in Costs

Our electrical load monitoring in Stoke measures currents, voltages, frequency, power factor and harmonics over a pre-determined period of time between 1 – 30 days in length. The measuring system will detect any spike or dropouts that have occurred in the electrical supply, which will be collated with the results to measure overall efficiency, output and cost.  By providing an electrical system power quality history, electrical load monitoring can enable open and fair discussions with service providers about the money businesses are paying to them.

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