How to Go Green in 2021


Many businesses have aspirations of going greener, with rising pressure from governments to reduce greenhouse gases, eliminate waste and be more eco-friendly. Not only is this important from a social responsibility standpoint, but also in customer acquisition and retention, with greener businesses being more and mor in demand by customers, companies must set a precedent and keep to it in order to keep trading. One of the simplest ways to be greener in the new year is to monitor your energy with the help of our electrical contractors in Stoke on Trent.

Get an EICR

Our electrical contractors in Stoke on Trent can carry out Electrical Installation Conditioning Reports which can aid businesses in identifying high consumers. This can be particularly useful in places where there is heavy machinery such as factories or warehouses and could even alert businesses to costly electrical faults. By identifying what is consuming a lot of energy and at what times of the day, businesses can take action to reduce energy and limit waste, backed up by the facts.

Monitor Loading

Load monitoring is an effective way for businesses to monitor their energy usage and ensure that they are being charged correctly for it. Our electrical contractors in Stoke on Trent plug reading equipment into key points in the distribution system which returns results about the energy use throughout the premises. Businesses can then take this information away and ensure that their metre readings are accurate and correct.

Be Conscientious

The greenest practices are those that are conducted every day and that are second nature to the business and the employees. By encouraging everyone to turn off devices that aren’t in use at the end of the day, switch of lights when leaving a room and only boiling as much water as needed, companies can save much more energy and money.

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