How our Electrical Contractors in Stoke Spot Problems


Problems in electrical systems can be extremely dangerous and where businesses are concerned, faults can cause enormous disruption. Faulty wiring or broken-down machinery can cause a business to close in order to protect customers and employees from serious harm. Although these disturbances to the normal order of the day can be a nuisance, they are also extremely costly both in terms of the repair costs and the lost hours of productivity and so avoiding them with regular electrical maintenance is key. Our electrical contractors in Stoke employ thermographic surveys and maintenance to spot problems before they develop.

Specialist Equipment

While it might be plain to see when a computer, telephone or plug socket has electrical safety compromised, most of a business’s electrical systems are concealed behind walls, in cable containment systems, under floors and in the ceilings. Of course, these areas of cable require regular checks to ensure that they are working to the best of their ability and that none of the components are failing or broken and doing so involves employing specialist equipment that can go behind the scenes without tearing the building apart. Our electrical contractors in Stoke provide thermographic surveys which detect heat using infra-red technology, enabling them to see areas that may be in need of repair.

Be Safer

Downtime and power outages aren’t the only threat of a broken electrical circuit, shocks, fires and fatalities are also commonplace where faulty wiring is concerned. These risks need to be avoided at all costs and in order to achieve this, businesses need a calendar of planned maintenance that includes surveys, conditioning reports, testing and servicing. Call our electrical contractors in Stoke today on 01782 595 600 today to discuss your maintenance requirements and queries.

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