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Although for many commercial and industrial businesses a return to work is still a far away prospect, being ready and prepared for when the time comes can make the transition smoother. While some have been back in previously and others haven’t seen the company since March 2020, many have had to abandon their routine health and safety maintenance activities due to government guidelines. However, our electrical contractors in Stoke can help businesses get back on track and ready to welcome the workforce safely, with our 15 point electrical compliance survey. This electrical installation assessment is sort of like an MOT and examines all key areas of the electricals to ensure that everything is safe, compliant and up to date.


For the first part of the survey, our electrical contractors in Stoke carry out an Electrical Installation Conditioning Report which examines the consumer fuse boards, wiring, earthing and bonding techniques throughout the premises. Assessing both their safety and efficiency in the internal systems, our team compile their findings and provide information about high consumers, possible faults and inefficiencies that might be costing money and imposing on safety.


Once our electrical contractors in Stoke have tested the fixed wiring, we move onto Portable Appliance Testing, assessing everything from computers to kettles for safety. All appliances will be noted with a sticker detailing the date of the test and the date they are next required to be tested, based on their category and current condition.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarms require regular maintenance to remain safe and ensure they are working to full capacity and so the next part of our compliance survey examines these installations. Providing professional insight into the system, our electrical contractors in Stoke are able to test, inspect and report upon the condition of each element which will then need to be stored in the fire safety log.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Just as with fire alarms, emergency lighting needs to be tested and maintained to ensure adequate back up battery life in the event of a power failure. Our survey carries out these tests and provides updates and ideas about where improvements can be made.

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