Fixed Wiring Testing Timelines


The 5 year electrical testing rule applies to commercial, office, retail and educational properties, but other types of environment are recommended to conduct more regular testing. The maximum interval applies to different sorts of premises and so companies must check what the requirements are for their industry, so they can ensure they are complicit with these guidelines and acting safely.  Regular testing od a building’s wiring structure and maintenance is mandatory by law under The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the IET Wiring Regulations, so companies face severe action if they don’t follow through.

Why is Fixed Wiring Testing Needed?

Electrical installations deteriorate with age and use and so regular fixed wiring testing helps to identify potential defects that could be hazardous to the people in the building and the building itself. During a test, a qualified individual must visually inspect all elements of an electrical installation for visual wear and tear, followed by a series of tests to verify the wiring is safe and the circuit is wired correctly. Following the test, companies are issued an Electrical Installation Conditioning Report (EICR) which states if any changes or repairs are necessary.

Routine Checks

In between official fixed wiring testing, routine checks can be undertaken to ensure the safe performance of electrical installations. This usually involves a visual inspection and checking the operation of equipment to identify potential issues, general deterioration or missing parts.

General Guidelines

Depending on the type of building, the maximum interval between both fixed wiring testing and routine checks differs. Find your industry below to see what applied for your business.

  • General installations in rental properties – routine checks once per year and fixed wiring tests every change of occupancy or 5 years.
  • Commercial spaces – fixed wiring testing every 5 years and routine checks every year.
  • Educational buildings – routine checks every 6 months and fixed wiring testing every 5 years
  • Buildings open to the public such as theatres, cinemas, entertainments complexes – fixed wiring testing every 3 years and routine checks once per year.

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