Five reasons why switching to energy efficient lighting should 100% be part of your business plan


“Why do I need energy efficient lighting?” you might ask.

You may wonder where the benefit lies, especially when you only have a tiny office, a small workforce or a non-public-facing unit. And then there’s the extra cost involved. But think about this…

What if energy efficient lighting could save you money and boost your reputation?

Energy efficient lighting can be categorised into two kinds: compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED). Typically, the lighting uses around 25-80% less energy than traditional options. They also last up to 3-25 times longer. It’s a win – win situation.


Here are five reasons why switching to energy efficient lighting should 100% be part of your business plan.

  1. CSR and energy efficient lighting

Most commercial businesses operate policies for the environment, equality and sustainability. Many companies are now looking to expand on this to develop a robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan. It’s one of the new ‘buzz phrases’ in the corporate world and it has numerous merits.

A tender application will require evidence of CSR. A proactive and green company that demonstrates a positive CSR could sway many private and public sector businesses. It’s a way for some applications to be eliminated if they don’t exhibit CSR plans.

Energy efficient lighting can form part of your CSR efforts and will ensure that CIBSE lighting levels guidelines are met. Doing your bit for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint will see you seen in a different, more favourable, light – excuse the pun – when it comes to tender applications.

  1. Slash your on-site electricity bills

You may err on the side of caution but outdated lighting can account for between 40- 80% of on-site electricity usage for commercial or industrial buildings. How much of that outlay could you save in monetary terms? And if you could halve that amount, would the bottom line be boosted?

Energy efficient lighting offers improved technology that will save on power consumption with superior Lux levels and luminosity.

  1. Superfast payback period

Energy efficient lighting may be more expensive than traditional lamps and fittings however, payback periods are often as soon as 12-24 months. After the initial payback period you are simply adding money to your back pocket.

  1. Enhanced shelf life

When did you last replace a lamp? Energy efficient lighting and LED lamps typically have a five to ten year shelf life. Improved lamp life is down to the light emission movement of electrons, which replaces the filament inside a regular incandescent bulb. Many lamp manufacturers will offer a full warranty covering several years, and should anything fail, the lamp will be replaced.

Lights that last longer will reduce productivity disruption and maintenance costs, including specialist equipment for high-level fittings and personnel.

  1. Better working environment

Poor lighting levels can account for reduced workforce productivity. Complaints can range from headaches, eyestrain, low moods, poor concentration and overall dissatisfaction. Even safety is an issue when working with motorised equipment and computer workstations.


Energy efficient lighting offers many benefits to boosting workflow. Simulating natural daylight to enhance luminosity can be all the team needs to kick start creativity and productivity. Well-lit environments with variable lighting configurations can appear more energetic, warmer and positively happier! We all know that a happy workforce is a productive workforce.


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