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Protecting a business from fires is of paramount importance, so much so that it is enshrined in the law. Preventing fires not only secures the future of trading but also protects employees, assets and the property itself. Ensuring that a building is equipped with a fire alarm system suitable for its needs is the first and foremost step towards mitigating the risk of fire and meeting legal obligations. Our fire alarm system services team can design, install and maintain fire safety solutions, suited specifically to your business.

Types of Fire Alarm

Current UK fire alarm system services regulations state that all businesses must have an ‘appropriate fire detection system’ but what is defined as appropriate will differ from premises to premises. The system should be able to not only detect fire but also easily warn people in all areas of the building about the hazard. There are 3 types of commercial system; a conventional fire alarm, addressable fire alarm and a wireless fire alarm, with the type of alarm required, specified in a business’s fire risk assessment.


Our fire alarm system services also provide a range of alarms from different categories. Category M alarm refers to manual systems that must be manually activated by somebody who has detected a fire. L category alarms are designed to protect life and come in five ‘levels’ which are designed for different purposes. L1 alarms allow for the earliest possible detection, L2 detects fire in specific areas, L3 protects paths to fire escapes, L4 protects fire escape routes and L5 offers localised fire protection. Finally, category P alarms are tailored to protect property from a fire with P1 alarms offering complete fire protection for the earliest possible warning and P2 systems providing fire detectors for defined parts of the building.

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