Fire Alarm Maintenance – A Guide


When it comes to protecting your business, it’s vital that they abide by compliance measures in their electrical installations. Besides installing the appropriate measures it’s equally vital that your business maintains compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines that are in place to ensure the systems are working correctly and therefore protecting your business & employees. Fire alarm maintenance is one of the most important parts of upkeeping safety, so our experts have put together a guide on the do’s and don’ts.

Legal Guidelines

The law states that in commercial buildings fire alarms must be tested as part of ongoing fire alarm maintenance checks in accordance with regulation BS5839-1 which states that there the ‘responsible person’ must risk assess the premises, tell risks to staff, maintain safety measures and plan for an emergency. Part of this responsibility involves carrying out weekly tests on fire alarm systems to ensure that there are no major faults in the system and if there is, get them identified and rectified as soon as possible. All manual call points should be tested, and it is recommended that this is done on the same day and same time every week so that employees are aware that it is a test.

Professional Inspections

Further to weekly tests businesses must hire a competent company to carry out an inspection and any necessary maintenance, every 6 months to ensure compliance with BS 5839 regulations. As a suitably trained fire alarm maintenance provider in Staffordshire, One Way can test for more serious or hidden faults. By inspecting the logbook, false alarm records, changes to the building, manual call points, alarms, control panels, connected devices, accessibility, batteries, fault indicators and circuits we can ensure that your business gets a thorough overview of the performance of fire alarm systems.

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