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When you’re seeking Electrical Services you can’t afford to choose any company less than one staffed by experienced professionals with the right qualifications. So here we take a look at the ways in which you can be completely confident in your choice and why, above all other electrical companies, we should be your first, last and only choice for high quality electrical services.

Electrical Services: How do you know that you’re in the hands of the experts?

We know that when shopping around for electrical services, be they for extensive needs or for a one off smaller project, that being confident in your choice can be an intimidating task. Luckily however there are a number of official accreditations that you can look out for that effectively act as an official seal of approval.
Namely this is the belonging to the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) body. This organisation is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry. It provides comprehensive assessments of the electrical competence of electricians, and has been doing so for almost sixty years.

At One Way, we’re proud to belong to the NICEIC.

We are the Go-To industry experts

But don’t merely take our word for it
We’re proud of the electrical services that we provide and the reputation that we’ve built up as the experts that can cater to every company’s requirements. However we know that in an online world of electrical companies, with each and every one saying that they, also, are the Go-To guys of choice, you need a few more reasons beyond our words to believe that we can deliver a high quality service.

So don’t just listen to what we have to say, hear directly from our previous happy clients

One-Way electrical services: A little bit about our company

During our 30 years within the industry we’ve grown to cover the entirety of the UK. Our highly trained, skilled Electrical Engineers provide consistently professional services with the utmost efficiency and all at rates that lead the way within the industry.
Our electrical services are designed with the commercial customer in mind. They can flex and fit to meet each of our clients’ needs and accommodate requirements, whatever they may be.

Our electrical services cover a plethora of both industrial and commercial businesses, including:
– Industrial: Waste Transfer Stations, Waste Recycling Process Plants, Substation Control Buildings, Sewage Treatment Works, Enamel and Inks Production works, Leachate Treatment Works, Ceramics Colour Manufacturers, Storage and Distribution Warehouses, Vehicle Logistic Centres, Insulation Product Manufacturers and Steel Engineering Manufacturers.
– Commercial: Offices suites, Retail units, Hotels/Accommodation, Restaurants/Bars/Pubs, Schools, Councils Tips, Vehicle Showrooms, Apartment blocks and Air Conditioning/Ventilation power supplies.

The Standards and Certifications that we’re completely committed toelectrical services

As well as being fully fledged members of the NICEIC, we also meet a number of other standards and certifications, which each add an additional layer to the confidence that our electrical service customers can have. These are namely:
● Fully qualified team of installation/service engineers that are JIB graded;
● Accredited Access Equipment trained IPAF;
● Accredited Mobile Tower Erecting trained PASMA.

Examples of our Electrical services in action

We know that before your forge ahead with our electrical Services that you’ll likely want a few examples of just how we work and just what we’ve achieved within our clients’ businesses. For this reason we’ve put together a dedicated project page which covers the stories of various clients that have received our services, such as the modification of electrical installation, full electrical design and installation services and the installation of LED lighting and power supplies.
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The One Way range of Electrical Services

With over 30 years’ worth of experience within the industry we’ve grown to cover every form of electrical service that there is. From catering to the needs of multi-site companies through to the setting up and installation of electrical systems for new business premises. Most specifically our electrical services include the following:

Commercial Electrical Services

For any commercial premises the need for properly installed, maintained and tested appliances and electrical systems is paramount: not merely for safety but also for meeting the sometimes complex needs for compliance for insurance purposes.
Our commercial electrical services are robustly reliable and always aware of the need for conformance to standards. Reliability and conformity serve as the literal centre of our commercial electrical services, and we ensure that every single job that we complete meets the BS7671 standard.

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Electrical Maintenance

The key to keeping business premises safe and running as they should is proper electrical maintenance, and at One Way we don’t underestimate the importance of meticulous maintenance that goes beyond merely ticking boxes.
Most specifically this can cover planned maintenance of:
– Motors and controls – Which may be covered through annual checks on terminations and connections for tightness, heat damage and corrosion;
– Fire alarms – For which we provide maintenance contracts that cover the robust servicing of fire alarm systems. What’s more with experts who are trained as FIA Engineers you can rest assured that your fire alarm maintenance meets the BS5839 standard.
– Emergency Lighting Maintenance – If disaster should strike you need to know that your industrial or business premises will be lit up to guide your employees from where they are, out to safety. For this we provide full duration tests, specifically determining the condition of the system with reports that will detail any faults or deviations from the British Standard BS5266, and what may be necessary to bring your emergency lighting systems up to standard.

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Industrial Electrical Services

The challenges that the industrial premises can pose for an electrical company such as yours can be wide and varied. Vitally we have the experience required across a plethora of industrial premises types, from waterway centres through to processing plants, we’ve covered it all. And for each and every project that we’ve worked upon we’ve delivered the same reliable standard of service backed up by solid technical assurances.

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Electrical testing and inspections electrical services

Whatever your testing and inspection requirements, we can help. We have 30 years’ worth of experience where we’ve covered practically every testing routine and inspection need possible.

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Fire Alarm installers

Our team are highly experienced fire alarm installers who can manage the process from design through to installation onto the commissioning and maintenance of your newly upgraded fire alarm system.
We’re aren’t committed to only certain manufacturers, and as such we are your completely objective, trusted resource for advice upon robust fire alarm systems. Our fire alarm installation service specifically covers:
– Fire System Design – We can provide a survey of your current fire system to establish exactly what your system needs are. From here we can build a fire alarm system that meets both your requirements as well as your budget.
– Fire Alarm Installers and Suppliers – Following the agreement of your fire alarm system design it’s then time to undertake the installation. And rest assured, the installation process will met the necessary British Standard of BS 5839-1 2013.
– Fire Alarm Maintenance Contracts – Once your system is installed we can provide the essential maintenance checks that are necessary for you to meet your legal requirements, and to ensure your staff are as protected as they can possible be.
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Emergency Lighting installers

We don’t merely maintain emergency lighting systems, we also install them too. And we do so to industry leading standards within any building type and for any industry. Most specifically our emergency lighting installation service can cover:
– The Design of the Emergency lighting system – Our design services are compliant to British Standard BS5266 regulations and can cover the design of a system from scratch or the upgrading or remedial works that need to be undertaken to bring a system up to standard.
– The Maintenance of Emergency Lighting systems – Our maintenance services provide for robust emergency lighting testing. This allows our clients to meet their own regulations of being required to test each month and tested for a complete duration each year for a three hour period.
– The Installation of Emergency Lighting system – We provide all types of emergency lights, both supplied and installed, including: Non Maintained, Maintained, Over door exit fittings, Standalone bulkheads, Integral fittings to match the normal lighting, Twin beam high output units and IP rated fittings for external use.

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At One Way we’ve been busy changing the face of commercial electrical services. From the installation of complex lighting systems right through to providing of comprehensive electrical testing and inspections, we cover it all, and we deliver it all with the same uncompromising focus upon customer service.

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