Explaining Thermographic Surveys in Derbyshire


A thermographic survey should form part of all businesses regular maintenance schedule to help identify areas of concern and to pre-empt any necessary electrical maintenance issues. By using a thermal imaging camera, our trained engineers can identify abnormally high temperatures within a business’s electrical distribution system, which is usually a precursor to an electrical fault, and thus precautionary action can be taken to secure the safety and energy efficiency of the building.

What Can Cause Heat in Electrical Systems?

Excessive heat in an electrical system can be caused by loose connections, overloaded sockets, faulty equipment or simple fatigue in the system components. All of these issues are easily missed to the naked eye, with heat being the main identifier faults of this nature are easy to miss. One Way’s thermographic surveys, when regularly carried out can pinpoint the exact electrical component or system that is causing the problem, as the imaging camera will not only pick up heat hotspots but can also pick up heat from inside wiring identifying issues that could cause severe issues if left.

The Benefits

Using our thermographic survey service in Derbyshire is advantageous to businesses in several ways. Firstly, by ensuring the safety of the building and the wellbeing of employees. By using a thermal imaging camera, no contact with the electrical system is necessary to get a conclusive image preventing anyone from having to undertake a physical exam of systems. The engineers who conduct the surveys are PCN certified in accordance with ISO 18436:7 standards, meaning they have extensive experience with complex systems and are able to uphold health and safety standards. All surveys include an introduction of findings, a summary of the process and fault identified with accompanying images and recommended actions to take so your business can make quickly and efficiently rectify.

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