Explaining Electrical Load Monitoring


Electrical load monitoring can be needed for several reasons, be it fixing a problem in a business’s electrical system or to monitor energy usage for landlords. Our engineers offer an electrical load monitoring service in Stoke and can employ a team to help with the reassurance of your unit adequacy or to report on a performance issue.

What is Load Monitoring?

Our engineers carry out electrical load monitoring in Stoke by attaching a measuring instrument to the main supply switchgear, or other key location specified by the client. To gather load data in a typical three-phase system three current probes and three voltage probes are attached to the three phase conductors while a single voltage probe is attached to the neutral conductor. From here our engineers connect them to a power recording instrument and generate a report based on the data gathered.

What Data is Gathered?

The data logging system measures currents, voltages, frequency, power factor and harmonics over a pre-determined period of time. Clients can choose a period of between 1 and 30 days and the system will detect any spikes or dropouts that have occurred in the electrical supply. The data we collate can be used to measure their efficiency, output and energy costs.

What Are the Benefits?

One Way’s Electrical load monitoring in Stoke can benefit businesses by helping them to develop better voltage quality, giving them immediate verification of power system changes and a more reliable electrical system and power quality history allows for open and fair discussions with service providers in the event of a problem. By locating areas of major power consumption, businesses can put an action plan in place to tackle energy efficiency and ultimately reduce their bills.

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