Essential Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems


Fire alarms are instrumental in immediately informing all employees or a fire in business premises and can not only encourage everyone to safety but also can lessen the devastation caused by fire by alerting the emergency services as quickly as possible. Fire systems need to undergo routine maintenance to ensure they are fully functional and ready to serve your business when disaster strikes. Our fire alarm maintenance Stoke team can help you keep tabs on your system with our tips and guidelines below.


Regular Testing

Legislation instructs that for businesses to have a compliant fire alarm a ‘competent person’ needs to inspect the system once every six months. This individual should be a qualified, certified and experienced electrician with the ability to spot issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently. While our fire alarm maintenance Stoke team are the ideal option to service your system bi-annually, it is also important to carry out regular checks to ensure that the system is operable.


What Should Check Include?

The law recommends that businesses should carry out weekly testing of their own and our fire alarm maintenance Stoke team recommend checking:

  • Visual Displays of the LED fire alarm control panel
  • Ensure that all devices linked up to the system are free from any visual damage
  • Weekly testing of manual call points, during working hours, to ensure sound and control panel are functioning.
  • Inspect vented batteries carefully, particularly if they form part of a backup alarm system
  • Record any issues spotted within the fire logbook so that there is a record of your inspection
  • Ensure all break glass call points & fire logbook are easily accessible


If on your weekly inspection you find any issues or damage to your fire alarm system call a professional straight away.


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