Essential Fire Alarm System Services


Fire alarms play an instrumental role in protecting businesses and their staff from the risk of fire and can be used to encourage people within a building to safety, alert the authorities and even to begin combatting the flames. In order to ensure they can effectively carry out their duty and keep people safe they must regularly undergo maintenance to measure that they are working as intended. Our fire alarm system services can help businesses and industrial clients to maintain their systems and keep premises protected.

Test, Test and Test

Legislation surrounding the testing of fire alarms says that only ‘competent persons’ must carry out fire alarm system services and that this should be undertaken at least once every 6 months. To be classes as a competent person an individual is required to be both qualified and certified to carry out tests and can only be an electrician who can spot issues and resolve them efficiently. Fortunately, that is where we come in. Our tea can carry out these regular checks and ensure the systems in place are operable as often as needed or as little as once every 6 months, depending on the industry.


When carrying out fire alarm system services, our team check a number of things on the devices that are installed. There are however weekly checks that the law recommends business owners should carry out, to help minimise the risk of a larger faults developing through earlier detection. Every week, you should check

  • Visual Displays of the LED fire alarm control panel
  • Ensure that all devices linked up to the system are free from any visual damage
  • Weekly testing of manual call points, during working hours, to ensure sound and control panel are functioning.
  • Inspect vented batteries carefully, particularly if they form part of a backup alarm system
  • Record any issues spotted within the fire logbook so that there is a record of your inspection
  • Ensure all break glass call points & fire logbook are easily accessible

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