Electrical Preventive Maintenance Basics and Why You Need It


If there’s anything your organisation needs most, it’s the safety of employees, the reliability of the equipment and that peace of mind inspired by the fact that your electrical equipment is in perfect condition. Generally, a preventive maintenance program will involve a schedule of maintenance actions carried out with the aim of preventing unnecessary failures and breakdowns. Electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) does pretty much the same thing, helping you avoid extra expenses, lost profits and unnecessary disruptions.Electrical preventative maintenance

Studies done by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) reveal that electrical systems without proper preventive maintenance have a failure rate that is three times higher compared to those that are well serviced. This goes a long way in showing just how important such a program is to your organization or home.

The need for a reputable electrical services company

Many large organisations with in-house maintenance experts opt to handle a few of the EPM aspects internally. Well, as much as this is helpful, keep in mind that performing EPM tasks certainly requires specialised training, equipment, plus a bunch of other useful stuff. Besides, safety of your employees is key and with in-house EPM experts, a lot is at risk. Better still, it might cost you thousands of pounds just acquiring the testing equipment, which really isn’t a wise investment for a small or medium sized firm or a basic home. In worst cases, you may have to put up with insurmountable loss figures.

Therefore, it’s best to leave such tasks to trained licensed technicians and electricians. Reputable electrical service contractors already have all the necessary equipment, manpower and everything else that is needed to take care of your electrical needs in a cost effective manner.

But before you decide to choose one, you’ll have to put a few things into consideration.

What to look for in an Electrical service Expert

Besides being qualified electrical service experts who offer regular electrical preventive maintenance programs, they should also be able to offer such services as cost-benefit analysis to those who wish to replace their aged systems. Furthermore, they should be able to provide sound and reasonable judgment in evaluating the test results.

Also, check to see if they have special certifications by accredited institutes that regulate that particular sector. Not forgetting to mention checking on the issue of whether they keep a complete and clear record keeping.

When done well, expect the following benefits to your system:

• Enhanced productivity of your equipment
• Enhanced reliability of your electrical equipment
• Less system failures
• Less system downtime
• Low cost of repair in case of equipment failure
• Low insurance rates

As for your business, there’s so much you will be able to enjoy from preventive maintenance for your electrical system. This includes:

• Increased economic benefits due to reduced downtime, less insurance, reduced machine failures and improved productivity and reliability.
• Improved employee morale due to improved safety and productivity
• Protection against avoidable accidents hence reduced liabilities and losses.
• Increased savings on energy costs
• And more


If you’ve been taking your electrical system for granted then it’s time for you to seek an electrical preventive maintenance program. Don’t wait for things to go bad so as to scout around for such solutions since you’ll have already incurred heavy losses. Looking at all the benefits your organisation or home will enjoy, it’s definitely clear why you need the program. So why not seek it today.

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