Electrical Maintenance – What to Know


The importance of maintenance of electrical installations cannot be overstated as live volts running through systems can pose a huge danger to people and premises if they begin to malfunction. The only way to keep businesses and commercial premises sage is through implementing a schedule of planned and preventative maintenance and by keeping a good knowledge on safety. We’ve put together some tips on electrical safety so you can keep things safe.

Never Mix Water

Water and electricity don’t mix and when combined create dangerous, harmful or even fatal hazards. If an electrical installation becomes damaged, particularly outside or in an area where it could easily be exposed to liquid then electrical maintenance must be sought immediately. However, you should also avoid mixing water and electricity at any cost and ensure drinks are stored at a safe distance from plug sockets and other electrical items.

Replace Broken Sockets

Plug sockets can become loose over time and after a long time in a busy office block, they can become broken, chipped or damaged. Although surface damage may seem trivial, it means that the unit has been compromised which can be extremely dangerous as the box leads directly onto live wires. Immediately replace any sockets that are dodgy using a qualified electrician to do so.

Frayed Wiring

Just like all perishable components over time wiring or the protective coating that contains it can become frayed and damaged, exposing live fuses which are dangerous to the touch. While it can be tempting to cover these with electrical tape, it only masks the problem and still poses a threat. Instead, realise the importance of electrical maintenance for wiring and get it fixed whilst undergoing fixed wiring testing.

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