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Electrical Maintenance electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance is something that businesses and commercial premises can truly benefit from. Keeping your property electrical safe through planned preventative maintenance allows you to have the confidence you have the correct methods in place to protect residents, staff and visitors from electrical problems.

Prevention is always better then cure and to allow your home or business to be safe from the dangers electrical systems possess such as fires; you should always have adequate maintenance in place. Whether its regular checks or inspections or in depth investigations from a professional electrician it could prove to be beneficial and in some instances life saving.

It’s also a good idea to call in a professional electrician once a year to make annual checks of your systems or if you are planning to purchase a property, or if your property is over 40 years old. Our own electrical contractors can provide electrical maintenance services and have over 30 years’ experience in the industry. we put together this brief video and post highlighting what you should consider when it comes to your electrical maintenance.

1. Never Mix Water & Electricity

Water and electric don’t mix, they provide a combination for a range of potentially harmful and dangerous hazards. You can easily give yourself a severe electric shock and damage your electrical systems or appliances. With such a great risk to your life you should always be careful when handling appliances around water, or avoid the use of them near water completely. If you are switching electrical systems or appliances on or off ensure your hands are always dry.

2. Frequent Trips & Blown Fuses

This may indicate that there is a continual fault or problem with your electrical systems. This may require further investigation and to ensure this is done safely hire a professional.

3. Approved Usage Outdoors

Don’t use ordinary electrical cables and appliances outdoors if they are not approved for outdoor use. Indoor electrical systems and equipment is not designed to withstand the elements and it could be potentially dangerous to use them outside.

4. Replace Frayed Wiring

If you find any electrical systems or appliances have become frayed with the wiring exposed then it is best to replace them in their entirety then to make repairs. Replacing the complete item is the safest way of ensuring that it wont become a hazard.

5. Protect Children

We all know how curious children can be especially when they are young and like to investigate. You should take the necessary precautions to prevent young children from coming into contact with open plugs and sockets. You can buy simple covers for electrical outlets that can do this.

6. Keep Cord Clear

Don’t attempt to run cables around furniture or under carpets and rugs. Keep them clear and visible. They could become a hazard for trips and fires if not placed correctly.

7. Maintain Plugs & Sockets

If you come across plugs or sockets that are loose or wobbly then it maybe best to change them for something new and more efficient.

8. Never Force A Plug

If you find your plugs don’t fit into your sockets don’t attempt to force or adjust them in anyway. You can easily damage both the plug and socket not to mention making both systems extremely dangerous if used.

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