Electrical Maintenance How Industries Can Benefit


electrical_maintenanceIndustrial electrical maintenance is one of the things that are usually found at the bottom of the list of priorities in industry. United nation’s work safety reports indicate that electrical installations are one of the leading causes of industrial hazards. Therefore, overlooking electrical preventive maintenance could result in serious consequences ranging from various injuries and operational interruptions to loss of lives. This means that regular maintenance is quite essential and highly beneficial. Here are a few reasons why industries should be serious about performing electrical maintenance on their premises.

Prevent Occasional Electrical Shorts

According to electrical experts, a short circuit is a major culprit of electrical fires. It is usually caused by a heap of wires overloaded with current, naked wires and loading imbalance. Shorts can be worse if large wires carrying high amounts of voltages are involved. It can cause deadly explosions as a result of heat build-up.

Help Minimise Unexpected Downtime in the Industry

Downtimes are one of the dreaded occasions in any industry. They not only lead to loss of money but also reduce the overall morale of employees. Therefore, incidences of production shutdowns should be avoided as much as possible by ensuring that the causing factors such as electrical malfunction are effectively prevented.

Electrical Maintenance Saves Energy

Some faulty electrical appliances in an industry contribute to excessive energy consumption which transfers to enormous electricity bills. Regular electrical maintenance ensures that the equipment is performing within its design parameter thus leading to optimal energy consumption.

Regular Maintenance Helps Detect Machines Running Hot

Industrial components such as motors, transformers, cables and switches usually get hot when they are about to fail. As a result, preventive maintenance routines using predictive mechanisms such as infrared thermography and vibration analysis can help detect such problems soon enough to be corrected. Regular lubrication can also come in handy to suppress such massive and potentially dangerous failure.

Regular Maintenance Helps Locate Loose Connections

Loose electrical connections are like live bombs expected to explode any time. Several disastrous electrical hazards in industries can be traced back to loose wires. Loose wires also cause drastic fluctuations in device performance causing it to work erratically. Regular maintenance ensures that any imbalanced loading distribution in the wires is located and fixed.

Help Remove Dust and Detect Melting Insulations

Physical inspections help detect a melting insulator, corrosion caused by dust and stressed parts of the appliances. Several potential hazards can be prevented by regular checks.electrical_maintenance

Regular Maintenance Helps Extend the Life of equipment

Industrial equipment such as production machines cost millions to acquire. Replacing and repairing such equipment can really mean breaking the bank for a particular company. This means that any preventive measure that will help cut down the quantity of devices taken for replacement or repair is highly valued. Most of these machines fail due to electrical faults. Therefore,frequent maintenance can help reduce such incidences and cut on costs.
Industrial electrical maintenance should be done as frequently as possible by a skilled and experienced electricity expert from a recognised electrical company.

The entire electrical system in the industry should be brought down for extensive maintenance routine after 3 to 5 years. The process involves complete inspection and repair of the lighting, shutdown systems, torque connections, heating and cooling systems, GFCIs, lock-out lags, etc.

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