Electrical Load Monitoring in Stoke


With the cost of electricity frequently rising, many businesses are taking further steps to ensure that they are not being overcharged by their facility for power usage. At One Way in Stoke, our Electrical Load Monitoring projects can give you the freedom as a business owner or landlord to monitor your energy usage and correct any performance issues. Our bespoke solutions can measure load characteristics over a specified period of time, giving you the important information that you need to make decisions about your electrical consumption.

Why Load Monitoring?

Whether you are looking to refine your energy usage, or are simply wishing to correct an electrical imbalance, our experienced advisors can advise you as to when Load Monitoring may be required. For those considering a renovation or expansion to their premises, Load Monitoring can assist you in distributing power to ensure that there is no disparity between areas. Our solutions can also help large industrial or commercial sites to confirm your system has the right capacity, prevent overloads and fine-tune system performances. Additionally, if you are simply looking to monitor energy usage and compare this to an installed meter, One Way can provide the right solution for you.

Comprehensive Load Monitoring Services

After studying the electrical systems within your business, our highly qualified engineers will identify your main supply switch gear, and any other data monitoring locations, before connecting up our monitoring instrumentation. The power recording instruments can then measure voltage, currents, power factor, harmonics and frequency over a pre-set period of time according to your needs, from 1 to 30 days. Subsequently, we will produce a detailed and analysed report through our high-tech data logging system, before sending this to the client.

Arrange Your Solution

One Way are proud to offer our range of electrical maintenance services, including Load Monitoring, to businesses in Staffordshire, Manchester, Cheshire or Derbyshire. From our base in Stoke, our specialist teams can also travel across the country to provide the electrical design, installation, and maintenance solution that you require.

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