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As longstanding electrical contractors with lasting and trusted operations, we have a large area of coverage. This includes Cheshire, and we are more than glad to help keep the lights on (literally and figuratively) in the proud county.

As electrical contractors in Cheshire, One Way offer a plethora of integral services with high quality professionalism and customer service. Our list of services includes all stages from design and installation through to maintenance.


At One Way we are equipped to professionally design several electrical systems. These include LED lighting, fire alarm systems, mains distributions systems, and more.  For the design of electrical systems in Cheshire and across our area of coverage, thin One Way and our crack team of electrical contractors.


Naturally, we offer the installation of all the areas that we offer design and maintenance for, providing a dedicated enthusiasm and willingness to get the job done properly and efficiently. As electrical contractors in Cheshire, our priority is in the high standard that we complete each and every job to.


The proper maintenance of electrical systems in an integral part of any business or home. Our electrical maintenance services include:

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If you are looking for electrical contractors in Cheshire, One Way are the team for you. You can contact us on 01782 595 600 or info@onewayelectrical.co.uk today.

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