Don’t Forget About Your Electrical Testing


After long periods of inactivity over the last few months, businesses across the UK are starting to go back to work and fill up with staff and customers again. Just like a car, if your premises has been sat idle for a long time, it’s worth running a few quick checks to ensure that everything is working safely and that you can continue with the normal order of business. From a health and safety standpoint, it is absolutely vital that you ensure that all electrical maintenance checks are up to date, even if they lapsed during the pandemic. Whether it’s emergency lighting, fire alarm maintenance or load monitoring, we can help businesses with their electrical testing in Stoke on Trent.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting maintenance ensures that emergency exit lights, hazardous area lighting and external floodlights are all working adequately to protect staff and visitors from danger. They require regular testing and inspections to check that the backup batteries are working to full capacity, that none of the bulbs are compromised and that they are providing enough lighting to keep people safe. Check your logbook and give us a call if you need electrical testing in Stoke on Trent before you can open back up!

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarms might be the last thing on a business’s mind right now, but regularly carrying out drills and making sure practices are up to date is key to being prepared in the event of a real emergency. Our electrical testing team in Stoke on Trent can provide emergency maintenance and testing for fire alarm systems helping to ensure they are suitable for the needs of the business, up to date and using the most modern software and processes needed to keep everybody safe. Whether you need a one-off check or want to arrange ongoing maintenance, One Way can help.

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