Distribution Systems for New Businesses


Distribution systems are often overlooked in the day to day running of businesses but for those looking to set up a new business or build a new premises, they are one of the first things to tick off the list. Providing buildings with main electricity and distributing it around the premises in an efficient manner, they are designed and set up to the unique layout of the company. Our company can assist new businesses in identifying where the power comes into the land and how best to distribute it to the property or assess the current distribution systems capabilities where the electrical layout in an existing building requires amending.

Designing Distribution

Made up of several components, distribution systems can vary greatly in their design and so ensuring that yours is set up for success starts with the design process. Transformers, circuit breakers, feeders, distributors and protective devices make up the initial design, with their placement being determined by a number of factors. All of our distribution systems focus on delivering energy from the high voltage (HV) incoming point, into a switchgear that feeds one or more transformers. These are then attached to low voltage (LV) tails which then feed into distribution panels and then divide the output into sub-distribution boards that direct power to sockets and wiring around the premises.

Functional Systems

For distribution systems to be functional they need appropriate voltage, should supply power based on demand and be as reliable as possible. All of these factors combined will result in a system that has minimal voltage variations at consumer points, very little downtime or tripping and constant power that allows the business to operate smoothly at all hours of the day. To achieve this fine balance, an expert team with experience working with mains power is required to create a system that is tailored to the businesses’ unique variables.

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