Different Types of LED Lighting Installation


Businesses often have a unique specification for their lighting, depending on the industry, company size and consumer factors. While retail stores and schools can benefit from emergency LED lighting, warehouse and industrial clients may require low or high bay LED lighting to function properly. At One Way our LED lighting team in Stoke can design, install and maintain a variety of LED lighting for a varied assortment of businesses.


High Bay / Low Bay Warehouse Lighting

These sort of LED lighting installations in Stoke refer to lighting that is hung at height, typically hanging from warehouse roofs with the low bay being slightly lower like in a retail stock room. Mostly found in the industrial sector, these styles of lighting can come in several styles including wide or narrow beam and they distribute to provide the best solution for the location.



Our anti-corrosive LED lighting installations in Stoke feature polycarbonate weatherproof fittings and require very little maintenance. Typically, these installations are best suited to external areas, such as loading bays, car parks or walkways. Their resistant exterior prevents electricity from shorting and protects the LED contained within while retaining the same level of brightness and illuminating difficult to light areas with ease.


Flood Lighting

Floodlighting is some of the brightest LED lighting available and is typically used to light large, exposed areas, such as retail parks, sports grounds and car parks. Our LED lighting installation team in Stoke can offer both column and building-mounted floodlights depending on the space of the area that needs to be lit. Floodlighting offers an extremely cost-effective solution to lighting large areas as very few lights are needed due to their extreme brightness.


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