Different Types of Electrical Testing


Maintenance is inevitable regardless of whether it’s on a house, a car or a businesses electrical systems and devices. The latter is our speciality at One Way but often business can be confused at just what they need to get tested and when. The 2 main types of electrical testing in Stoke on Trent that we offer are EICR and PAT – which we’ve broken down below.


Electrical Installation Conditioning Reports involve the testing and inspection of fixed wiring within a business’s premises and needs a professional electrician to carry it out. This sort of electrical testing in Stoke on Trent inspects the consumer unit, fuse board and the wiring and electrical accessories for faults. The examination of the electrical systems looks specifically for earthing and bonding adequacy and evaluates the devices employed to protect from fire or shock. Although an EICR isn’t a legal requirement, the Electricity at Work Act refers to them as a means to satisfy its requirements. These tests should be carried out at least every 5 years, however, many insurance companies require an EICR and thus it is wise to have a new one carried out, before each renewal period.


PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing and comprises of a visual inspection and in-depth analysis using specialist equipment. Our electrical testing on Stoke on Trent defines this sort of test as part of a businesses responsibility to protect employees from shock or injury and should be carried out regularly. The great part about PAT testing is that all appliances will be dated with a stamp which details the due date of the next test. All electrical appliances are required to undergo this process including fixed appliances, stationary appliances, portable appliances, handheld appliances, cables and chargers and IT appliances too.

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