Data & Power Cable Containment in Staffordshire


When it comes to staying connected in the modern workplace, data cabling is an essential aspect. Ensuring that your business’ data cabling is expertly installed and protected should always be carried out by professionals, using the right source of cable containment. Even for companies in an industrial setting without a computer network, most machines and equipment still rely on cables for their electricity supply; meaning that adequate power cable containment is vital. Our team here at One Way are specialists in keeping data and fibre optic cables well protected and hidden, in addition to providing cable containment as part of our mains distribution installation service.

Why is Cable Containment Important?

Not only is visible cabling unsightly, it can also be a dangerous hazard when left uncontained. This is particularly the case for settings where customers and the general public are present, such as showrooms, care homes, and schools. Here at One Way in Staffordshire, we work with clients from numerous different sectors to ensure that their premises is well connected and safe. The cable containment designs from our electricians are always created with our clients’ bespoke requirements. From Wire Baskets and Trunking, to Conduit and Cable Ladder & Trays, we have a range of different components that can be used as standalone containment or put together to create a complete system.

Mains Cable Containment

For large commercial and industrial buildings, mains distribution systems require a complex combination of wiring, cabling, and switchboards. If you opt for our Power Distribution Services here at One Way, our electricians will carry out tailored cable containment work as part of the procedure. Each of our cable containment systems will protect the electronic systems in your premises, particularly ensuring that live wires are well covered and out of reach.

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