Cut Costs with LED Lighting


Commercial lighting in larger workspaces can account for up to 40% of a business’ overall electricity usage and subsequent energy bills, making it one of the priciest outgoings for companies. Essential for the running of any business, not to mention the health and safety of employees, companies can not simply cut back by turning the lights off more often. However, the type of lights that are installed at a business premises can drastically impact the overall running costs, with LED lighting in Cheshire being the most cost-effective solution!

Why LEDs?

The LED Lighting in Cheshire that One Way provide is the most modern form of light fitting a business can have, which use less energy to run and provide a better quality of light. LED’s are brighter and transmit a whiter, cleaner light than traditional luminescent bulbs and are typically lower wattage. Replacing a typical 400W bulb with a 150W LED bulb can help to reduce lighting electricity costs by up to 60% making the payback on these installations as little as 1-2 years, depending on the size of the premises.

Longer Lasting

LED lighting installations in Cheshire, also have much lower maintenance costs than traditional bulbs, lasting up to 10 years from the first time they are switched on. Normally within this timeframe, typically bulbs would need to be replaced upwards of once per year, amounting to 10 bulbs per LED light, meaning more money spent on fittings, installation and maintenance over this period, than it could cost to refit the entire premises with LED lights!

Less Wastage

Aside from using a lower wattage, LED lighting provides a better like for like product than traditional bulbs. By producing ‘cleaner’ light and directing the beams directly below to ground level where they are needed, 100% of the energy used by the bulbs is converted into light, whereas traditional filament bulbs convert some of that energy into heat, which is wasted and transmitted into the air around.

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