Comprehensive Fire Alarm System Services


When it comes to fire alarm system services, businesses and industrial companies can not afford to take any risks or cut any corners. These systems are in place to protect staff, customers, assets and the building from the devastating effects of fire by serving as both a warning system and prevention tactic. A dysfunctional or defunct fire alarm poses a direct danger to all people and possessions as well as the future of the business. Ensuring that the fire alarm system is adequate, safe and up to standard starts well before the system is even installed. As providers of comprehensive fire alarm system services, we’ve put together some tips on making sure business is protected.

Asses Legal Requirements

Fire alarms come in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes and the sort of fire alarm required is written into law and depends on factors including the size of the building, the industry of the company, the number of staff and the configuration of the premises. Before choosing a system, it is absolutely vital to assess the legal requirements and ensure that the fire alarm you opt for is adequate to meet these rules in order to obey health and safety legislation. When you choose our fire alarm system services, we can take the difficulty out of finding the right type, using our extensive knowledge to inform the installation required.

Book in Maintenance

In order to perform at their best and protect companies, fire alarms require regular servicing and maintenance. Again, this forms part of the businesses legal responsibilities and needs to be carried out by an accredited company with the right qualifications and health and safety awareness, such as ourselves. How often maintenance is required will differ between industries but with ongoing maintenance contracts available from One Way, we can take care of the maintenance schedule on your behalf.

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