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One Way operate a fleet of electrical contractors in Cheshire who help businesses and commercial enterprises to serve their customers, sell products and provide services. No matter whether based in the cities of Warrington or Chester or in the rural outlying towns like Tarporley or Bollington, our team are on hand to provide electrical design, installation and maintenance to commercial and industrial companies across the county.


Our electrical contractors in Cheshire provide design services for mains distribution systems, cable containment, fire alarms and lighting networks ensuring that we tailor them specifically to the site they are designed for. Before we offer a quote or commit to a design, we visit the site and carry out a meticulous survey covering all possible confounding variables that may influence the design. By covering every angle, we can ensure that the design meets and exceeds the needs of a business both functionally and in terms of budget. Whether you require these services as part of a construction project or need installations retrofitting, we can help.


Once an installation has been fitted it will require regular maintenance to keep it working well and to prevent it from causing disruption to the business. Whether emergency lighting, wiring, fire alarms or the main system, our electrical contractors in Cheshire are qualified and experienced in carrying out maintenance on a number of installations. It doesn’t matter if our team were the original installers of the systems or if a different company was used, we are happy to provide maintenance either way.


Sometimes even with a well laid out routine of electrical maintenance, wear and tear occurs and installations breakdown. As certified electrical contractors in Cheshire, we can carry out repairs to faulty or broken systems to get businesses back up and running with minimal downtime.

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