Benefits Of LED Lighting



So what are the ultimate benefits of LED lighting? It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for commercial and business premises especially in terms of installing emergency lighting. LED’s present a fantastic alternative to previous technologies with increased lamp life and energy saving costs. Innovations in development create new generations of more efficient and modern designs witLED Lighting Stoke_Aynsley Insurance Brokers After (17)hout compromising on quality.

Energy consumption

Comparing LED’s energy consumption to that of traditional fluorescent lighting usually results in LED’s showing the best results. LED lighting generally uses less than half the energy then other lighting methods. A comparison of an emergency lighting scheme indicated that in some instances less than a third of the previous old energy was used.



You should always consider the full life costs of LED lighting and many often see it as an investment that will return itself over the years. Repairs, maintenance and replacements are often less within an 8-year period and if you consider the reduction in energy costs you are continually saving.

Controlled Light Distribution

LED’s are effective at controlling light distribution and therefore illuminating high risk areas which makes it ideal for emergency lighting. It can effectively point source light making it easier to ensure the light is directed to the area you require.


As the technology for LED Lighting progresses the amount of heat produced is decreasing. This is due to that amount of light being required by the power required is often becoming less and therefore makes operating with less heat production easier.

Light quality

Though many require LED lighting to have a low colour rendering index (CRI) of greater than Ra 40 the quality of light is still high.

Our Thoughts

The list of benefits definitely highlight just how effective and efficient LED lighting can be. With the latest innovations in technology some of the best emergency lighting you can have fitted incorporates LED technology. LED’s are a great way to introduce energy efficient lighting to your property either when you install your emergency lighting or upgrade.
As our own LED lighting installation team know it can be extremely beneficial for commercial and business properties. Several of these benefits have been highlighted in the video we have created.


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