Be Greener with LED Lighting Controls


Providing LED lighting design in Cheshire, one of the key component’s businesses like to include is lighting controls as they increase efficiency and reduce energy use. This, of course, translates into a smaller carbon footprint and reduced energy bills over time and gives more control back to the business owner. Factors such as industry, business size and opening hours will determine which controls are the best, but our LED lighting design team in Cheshire have run through some of those we can supply.


The simplest form of control for lighting is a switch, allowing people to turn lights on or off when they leave or enter a room but very few people remember to turn them on or off in a business setting which means they can be costly and ineffective. However, if used alongside a strong ‘no people, no lights’ policy they can help reduce consumption and therefore cost of electricity.

Occupancy Detectors

These devices come in two categories: presence detectors and absence detectors. Presence detectors automatically turn lights on when somebody alerts the sensor by entering and area, whereas absence detectors automatically turn off when someone leaves. Used in conjunction with other measures, they can make LED lighting designs in Cheshire much more cost efficient.

Dimming Sensor

These detectors work by dimming LED lighting in areas of a room where adequate daylight is detected, which helps to reduce the amount of energy used by the light fittings and takes advantage of free, natural light.

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