4 Reasons for Electrical Load Monitoring


Businesses rely on quantifying their income and expenditure to turn a profit and set prices and budgets. When it comes to bills, it can be difficult for companies to falsify the sum that the energy provider suggests is due, but with electrical load monitoring in Stoke, One Way can help quantify consumption of electricity.


Electrical Load Monitoring can identify surges in power throughout your distribution system, which can sometimes be an indicator of a fault or a deteriorating part. Employers have a responsibility to keep employees safe and protect them from injury, so identifying any risks in the system is key to maintaining site safety.

Manage Energy Costs

Electrical energy consumption is normally a large proportion of outgoings for companies, but businesses don’t always know which consumers are using the most, but electrical load monitoring can help identify high consumers allowing businesses to put in controls to reduce energy costs. Companies often find that their lighting is accountable for a large portion of wasted energy, then put in place measures to ensure lights are turned off when not in use.

Accurate Bills

Electricity companies often install electrical sub metering to bill businesses once a reading has been provided. Good business practice should be to double check the reading is correct using an energy logger, which is something that One Way employ as part of our electrical load monitoring service in Stoke. This allows businesses to check that their bills are accurate and that the metre they have installed is functioning correctly.

Troubleshoot Power Quality

Our electrical load monitoring service is great for companies who are in dispute about an energy issue as our equipment can identify the amount of electricity coming into the property and historic information about dropouts, surges or cuts to the energy source. Once we have provided a report on our findings, businesses are then able to present the report to energy providers and use it as evidence to support their claims.

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