3 Reasons For Thermographic Surveys


Thermographic surveys use thermal imaging to identify areas of an electrical installation that are producing heat and the detailed report we provide alongside this can help businesses to better understand where they might have shortcomings in the systems. Heat is more often than not, wasted electrical energy that is being converted because of an inadequacy and so thermal areas picked up by imaging software can often identify faults in electrical installations.

Improve Efficiency

By conducting a thermographic survey and identifying areas of an electrical system that might not be working well, businesses can improve their efficiency overall. Once the fault has been identified, companies can call up on an electrical contractor to wither make repairs or replace faulty parts which will then reduce the amount of energy being wasted. Less waste is good for business as it means systems work better, with less energy and they are acting in a more environmentally responsible way.

Reduce Bills

Once the thermographic survey has been conducted and any fault rectified, a big upside to greater efficiency is reduced bills. With less energy being converted to heat that serves no purpose in the electrical running of the business, businesses only pay for energy that is directly fuelling their systems, making them more cost effective and in the long run, cheaper.

Improve Safety

Thermographic surveys often pick up faults within systems that cannot be seen by the naked eye and so getting these issues resolved can improve safety. It’s no secret that electricity is dangerous if not routed through proper systems with adequate safety measures in place and so when wiring becomes worn or a system becomes problematic, the risk of injury or system breakdowns increases. By making electrical systems safer businesses can better protect their staff, their reputation and their future.

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