Stay On Top of Emergency Lighting


Our emergency lighting installers know the importance of businesses keeping on top of their installations in order to ensure employee safety, health and safety compliance and to maintain the investment they have already made in the system. All too often, companies neglect their emergency lighting which can result in costly repairs, create a dangerous environment or even result in legal action being taken. Not to worry, our emergency lighting installers have created a guide on staying on top of these systems!

Test, Test, Test

Failing to test an emergency lighting system frequently enough can result in undetected faults developing into full-blown malfunctions and is a violation of health and safety legislation. In order to comply with BS 5266 and keep occupants of the building safe, businesses must simulate a power failure on a monthly basis to ensure that backup batteries are working efficiently, and the system is working as it should be. This must be carried out by an emergency lighting installer like ourselves and then once a year, a revisit should be made where the lights are tested for the entire duration of their 3-hour battery. All this information needs to be accurately logged in the fire safety book and daily inspections of fittings carried out too.

Improve Design

Our emergency lighting installers often see systems that are behind the times in design, either as the system is old or the business has not evolved it along with changes to the building or workforce. The more entrances there are to a building, the more emergency escape lights are required and whenever there is an extension of the building, a car park built or even just more modern technology, businesses must seek out ways to improve their systems to remain safe and modern. Additionally, corridors along escape routes are required to be illuminated to at least 1 lux, which many older systems do not meet so getting the system checked and overhauled is key.

If you’d like some help and advice keeping on top of your system, get in touch with our emergency lighting installers today.

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