Installing emergency lighting within your business


Emergency Lighting

Installing emergency lighting within your business is an essential task to ensure that you pay due diligence to keeping your staff and visitors to your premises safe. What’s more it is not only a moral obligation, but also a legal one, as legislation sets out tight guidelines on emergency lighting requirements for the commercial premises.

Are you meeting health and safety protocol?

We understand the legal obligations that are set before you. And we know that it is British Standard BS 5266 which defines the requirements of your emergency lighting. We understand this standard and we can advise you on how you can meet the guidelines set out within it. We can also explain what, if any, improvement can be made to current systems.

Emergency lighting: Not merely for emergencies

Whilst emergency lighting is essential to guide your staff or visitors out to safety should the worst happen, you also need to consider the importance of such a system in altogether more common situations. This may include power outages, where illumination may be necessary for staff to access your fuse box, and it may cover you should your circuit trip for any reason.

Emergency lighting systems: Just what can they consist of?

Emergency lighting systems traditionally consist of a make of the following components:
– Fire exit signs – Fire signs must be both reliable as well as placed in the right places. Our engineers are fully qualified to install signs that may well guide your staff and visitors to safety.
– Emergency escape lighting – Emergency escape lighting provides illumination for people who are attempting to evacuate your premises.
– Standby lighting – Standby lighting acts as part of the emergency lighting system and helps to provide a basic, low level lighting that stops your staff and advisors from being plunged into complete darkness. This level of light is also most effective for a smoke filled environment, where anything brighter would only serve to worsen visibility.
– Escape route lighting – Escape route lighting clearly lights up the safest and most effective route to the nearest exit.

Emergency lighting: Why we are the Go-To experts

Our emergency lighting services cover everything from design through to installation and onto the ongoing maintenance that you’re legally obliged to undertake.
We can guarantee that our emergency lighting services are:
– Delivered by extensively experienced and fully qualified NICEIC registered electricians, who only ever provide expert services;
– Provided with periodic inspections and testing that wholly meets the guidelines as defined within British Standard BS 5266;
– Coupled with reports that are easy to understand, that meet legal requirements and are always readable (rather than written in handwriting that takes an age to decipher!);
– Delivered by a company that is an official SAFE accredited contractor as well as being a registered member of the NICEIC (the official Government standard);
– Provided by electricians who are always polite, in uniform and committed to work within your business to minimal disruption levels.

Oneway Electrical: A company that is completely free from obligation to certain product manufacturers
At Oneway Electrical we believe that it’s vitally important for our electricians and technicians to maintain complete objectivity when designing and planning for the installation of an emergency lighting system.
For this reason alone, and unlike many other electrical companies, we do not recommend only certain brands or manufacturers. In this way we can provide for a system that is truly suited to our clients’ needs, and that consist of the most suitable products that will serve our clients’ premises well throughout the years to come.
What’s more we also believe that this is particularly important within systems that may have an array of components, with emergency lighting systems typically being constructed from any or all of the following items:
– Emergency bulkhead – Emergency bulkhead essentially serve as relatively dim beacons that can light the way towards a point of exit.
– Emergency control boxes – Emergency control boxes consist of numerous further components and can be placed in convenient places that improve upon where the main fuse box may be (typically used within large premises where the fuse box may be relatively inaccessible in an emergency).
– Emergency Drop lights – Emergency drop lights can be placed in locations to highlight the route to the nearest fire exit.
– Emergency Exit Boxes- Similarly to drop lights exit boxes also highlight emergency exits, but are generally larger and thicker than drop lights.
– Emergency Lighting LEDs – LED based emergency lighting can serve as a reliably clear way of illuminating the path to the nearest exit.
– Emergency Lighting Legends – Emergency Lighting Legends come in a wide range of formats to flex and fit to the business premises that require exit signage of differing shapes and sizes.
– Emergency Test Switches – Emergency Test Switches are essential within any emergency lighting system for the routine maintenance and testing that is undertaken on a tri-monthly and/or annual basis.
– Emergency Twinspots – Emergency twinspots are used where powerful emergency lighting is required. If these are required then your qualified technician will be able to advise on which bulb set up is required for your needs.

Just how do you know that you can trust in our emergency lighting solutions?

It’s a commonly asked question. And we understand the concern. Just how can you trust the electrical company that you choose? Particularly when you may be entrusting them with the lives of your staff for a service that is as important as emergency lighting. The answer to this is the NICEIC.

The NICEIC: More information on what is a vitally important mark of critical service quality

For those that may not be aware, the essential signs of a quality electrical contractor is the belonging to the NICEIC.
This organisation, also known by their full name of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, is a body that regulates the electrical industry. It covers the entirety of the UK and its members undertake regular assessments, including the electricians within companies, to ensure that their members consistently meet stringent standards.

One Way: Design, Install, Maintain

A little bit about our company
We are One Way. And we’ve been in business for 30 years. Over this time we’ve covered practically every industry and business type going, providing emergency lighting systems that range from the complex, spanning over thousands of feet, through to the more simplistic, design emergency lighting systems for the average office.
Amongst the industries that we’ve looked after are:
– Industrial: Waste Transfer Stations, Waste Recycling Process Plants, Substation Control Buildings, Sewage Treatment Works, Enamel and Inks Production works, Leachate Treatment Works, Ceramics Colour Manufacturers, Storage and Distribution Warehouses, Vehicle Logistic Centres, Insulation Product Manufacturers and Steel Engineering Manufacturers.
– Commercial: Offices suites, Retail units, Hotels/Accommodation, Restaurants/Bars/Pubs, Schools, Councils Tips, Vehicle Showrooms, Apartment blocks and Air Conditioning / Ventilation power supplies.

Standards and certifications that we adhere to emergency-lighting

In an industry that is as vitally important as electrical services it’s reassuring to know that as a consumer you can look forward to a whole heap of standards and certifications to keep you and your business premises safe and operating as it should.
To this end we’re proud to say that we adhere to all of the standards that are required within our industry, and hold each of the certifications required to undertake our work safely and reliably.
● Fully qualified team of installation/service engineers JIB graded;
● Accredited Access Equipment trained IPAF;
● Accredited Mobile Tower Erecting trained PASMA.

Unsure whether you need to review your emergency lighting setup?

You may have a basic emergency lighting system already, and you may wonder whether this is efficient to meeting your glass requirements. Alternatively you may well be lacking an emergency lighting system altogether, with staff unsure as to what type of system you need.
So whatever your situation, and whatever the status of your current system, our team of experts are here to help.
We can provide an Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection or Emergency Lighting installation quotation. And what’s more our quotations are always completely free from obligation, and they are always delivered completely free from charge.

To arrange an in-person visit to your site to discuss your options, or to merely have your immediate questions or queries answered, you can call our office on 0203 581 5729 or send a message via our contact page.

At One Way we’ve always focused upon building our services around our clients, and it has been a complete focus upon our client’s needs, and the adapting of our services, that has seen our company experience unparalleled growth over our 30 years in business.
So whatever your business, however big your company may be and whatever industry you may operate in, we have the emergency lighting solutions to meet your needs.

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