Emergency Lighting Testing in Staffordshire


In order to remain functional and comply with safety regulations, it is vital that emergency lighting is tested regularly. Whether you own a small commercial business, or manage a large industrial factory, regulations state that emergency lights should be tested every month in order to keep your employees and customers safe. Additionally, your complete emergency lighting system should be tested for a full duration once per year, by a trained professional. Here at One Way in Staffordshire, we offer expert emergency lighting testing and maintenance, however frequently your business requires it.

Emergency Lighting Testing Contracts

In neglecting to organise maintenance of your emergency lighting system, not only will lives be potentially at risk, but your business could also be breaking the law. With our emergency lighting testing contracts, we will create a tailored maintenance plan for your specific premises, to give you peace of mind. Included in this is the annual 3-hour test, which will fully test all of your emergency lighting and provide you with a test certificate. In addition to this, our experts can also carry out all monthly testing of emergency lighting equipment, to ensure that any faults are recognised, and swift repairs can be done.

Emergency Lighting Repairs

Should any faults be identified when testing, we can complete the required maintenance to bring your lighting system back into service. This could be anything from changing the battery pack or lamp on the emergency light, to a complete re-fit. Each time one of our electrical engineers visits your establishment in Staffordshire for emergency lighting testing or maintenance, we will add to a logbook, which we can provide for you. These logbooks will then show a comprehensive record of any servicing that your emergency lighting has had, which will ensure that your business passes any safety inspections by your local authority.

Keep Your Business Safe

Don’t neglect your emergency lighting – let our experienced professionals take care of it. For more information about our testing contracts, contact one of our team today. We cover a wide area, spanning across Stoke, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. Call 01782 595 600 or email info@onewayelectrical.co.uk.

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