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Although we are based in Stoke on Trent, our electricians offer their services out to the wider surrounding areas, including to the city of Manchester and the towns within. One of the most common services we offer is LED lighting installation in Manchester specifically to commercial and industrial customers looking to take advantage of this cost-effective and brighter form lighting for their businesses. So, why choose us for your LED Lighting needs?

Experienced Across Sectors

Often, we are chosen for our LED lighting installation in Manchester because of our specialised and experienced team. Unlike other electricians, we only service the commercial and industrial sectors and so have developed our knowledge in these areas and specialised in meeting the needs of business premises which requires a different skill set than residential buildings. LED lighting in these settings needs to be carefully planned and installed to get the most from the installation, ensure safe levels of light and create a productive environment, which is something we pride ourselves on achieving.

Emergency Lighting Installations Manchester

One of the key needs of companies that residential customers don’t have is the requirement of emergency lighting by law. Working to protect customers and staff, these lights illuminate hazardous areas, display emergency exit routes and require regular testing to be compliant with health and safety legislation. Not only can One Way provide emergency lighting installations across Manchester, but we can also offer companies and ongoing preventative maintenance contracts which include regular testing meaning they don’t have to continually book throughout the year; we take full responsibility for the installations continued safety and functionality.

If you are interested in our LED lighting installation in Manchester or any of our other services for that matter, call us on 01782 595 600 today to discuss your electrical needs.

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