Our Operating Principles

Customer Obsession

We exist to serve our customers. Always start with what’s best for them and work backwards — is this making our service better, safer, faster, easier, or cheaper for the customer?

Achieve More With Less

Frugality drives innovation. Be resourceful, and never wasteful. Continually strive to lower costs while providing a better service. Avoid growing fixed expenses or headcount unnecessarily.

Focus on What Matters Most

We can do anything, but not everything. Sacrifice thousands of great ideas to pursue just a few exceptional ones. Define what is truly important, do only the highest-value work, and ignore all other distractions.

Insist on the Highest Standards

Insist on excruciatingly high standards, standards that most people think are unreasonably high. Continually raise the bar and never settle. Hire and develop only the highest-quality people, teams, and services.

Love Pain

Great things are not supposed to be easy. Setbacks will happen, but that’s no excuse to stop. Half of what separates success from failure is pure perseverance, resilience and discipline while everyone else quits.

Rethink From the Ground Up

Innovate by breaking things down to fundamental facts and rebuild from there. Question every assumption to avoid misconceptions. Never stop learning, evolving, or exploring new ideas.

Sense of Urgency

Speed matters. Move faster and get things done in less time. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. Make decisions > make mistakes > get feedback > adjust approach.

Simplify Everything

Start by questioning if each requirement is necessary. Then ruthlessly delete everything you can — we can always add stuff back in later if required. Then optimise what’s left. Then speed it up. Finally, automate where possible.

Think Long-Term

Focus on actions we can do today that will reap the greatest rewards in 10 or 20 years’ time. Sacrifice short-term results for long-term gain, because that’s all that will matter in the end.

Truth, Transparency & Feedback

Have difficult conversations. Make all problems, mistakes, and weaknesses visible to everyone. Seek critical feedback, self-reflect and don’t take it personally. If we don’t know what is true, how can we improve?

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